About George R. Tyler

“Families in other rich democracies like Australia or Germany continued to live the American Dream even as it evaporated at home, dissipated by wage stagnation, widening income disparities, and credit bubbles. These books provide a deep and rich explanation of how they accomplished what Americans have been told is impossible.”

Author of What Went Wrong and Billionaire Democracy, George R. Tyler is an economist who brings a varied background as an American and international government official and successful entrepreneur in the U.S. and Europe. He examines the troubled American economy from a uniquely international perspective. George dissects the Reagan era in assessing why American employees and their families have failed to prosper. He draws on his foreign experience to determine why families in other rich democracies have continued living the American Dream that is lost to US families.

And he draws on his economics training to offer a set of realistic and workable recommendations based on lessons from nations like Australia and Germany for returning the American Dream to US children. George began his career working in the United States Congress as an economic adviser to Senators Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota and Lloyd M. Bentsen of Texas and as Senior Economist on the Congressional Joint Economic Committee. Appointed by President Clinton as a Deputy Treasury Assistant Secretary in 1993, George worked closely with international financial institutions and in 1995 became a senior official at the World Bank.

Turning to the private sector in 1997, George founded a real estate investment firm, which has developed a number of resort-residential subdivisions in Virginia.

Returning to international issues in 1998, George coauthored a concept paper calling for establishment of a unique public/private collaboration to accelerate R&D on medicines for neglected diseases of the developing world. Adopted as a major element of Doctors Without Borders’ Access to Essential Medicines Campaign, the concept was embodied in a Geneva-based NGO launched in 2003 called the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (dndi.org). George served on the DNDi Audit Committee from 2003-2011 and continues to serve on the Audit Committee of DNDi (North America).

George is active in the Washington-based NGO Bikes for the World (BfW), serving as board Treasurer (bikesfortheworld.org). Partnering with a number of organizations abroad, BfW collects more than ten thousand used bicycles and parts each year for recycling to nations in the Caribbean, Central America, Asia, and Africa. Its domestic partners include Chicago-based Working Bike Cooperative (workingbikes.org), REI, and numerous local bicycle shops. George attended the University of Colorado and the Ph.D program in economics at the University of Virginia.

Publications by George R. Tyler


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